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Our Bosal/Bitless Bridle Attachment explained

Posted on 16 November 2015


With Bitless riding becoming increasingly popular, we get a lot of questions as to which Bitless Bridle would be suitable.

We offer a range of Bitless Bridles to try and cater for each preference. Today, we will be talking about our most popular, Bosal/Bitless Bridle Attachment.

This is based on the rawhide Indian Bosal/Hackamore which was used by the Native Americans. The different versions found today are probably somewhat different but the concept all the same. They were introduced to the cowboy’s by Native American cowpunchers that braided them out of rawhide.

How does it work?

It is made out of the same yachting braid as we use for our Halters. The Bosal can be attached to any bridle whether  its English or Western. You simply attach the cheek pieces in between the two knots on either side. The looped ends are where you attach your reins. These ends then cross under the jaw.

Your Direct Rein tells your horse which way to go as it would with either a snaffle bit or sidepull attachment. For example if you put a feel on the right rein, pressure goes under the jaw to the opposite side to bring their head around to the right.

It is very much like riding in a rope Halter but has more communication and control.


Its simple and unique design allows it to be used on any horse young or old and any level without any prior training. It does work best with horses that are used to the pressure and release especially those who have been used to wearing the Halter for groundwork.

Finally, it also aids in the Neck Reining training as they feel the pressure on the same side as they feel the rein. The horse will learn and correspond to pressures.

The Bosal will aid in curing many of the problems associated with bits. Bits cause problems such as head shaking, bit chewing, resisting the bit and more. Many horses that will not accept the bit will often toss and throw their heads, making a dangerous situation for both horse and rider. The use of the Bosal will help solve many of these problems.

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