Designed In UK, Made In The UK

Do you know where your clothing really comes from? Do you know where it is designed, where the raw materials are sourced and where they are actually made?

Since the Covid pandemic and the finalisation of Brexit, we’ve noticed a change in customer thinking. Over the past year, we’ve received emails regarding the origin of our products and if they are indeed made here in the UK.



At Stockinjur we are extremely proud to be able to say that our products are British made - not just designed and made within the UK, but all of our raw materials are sourced within the UK too, from the plastic used to make the hat silk peaks, to the sustainable fabrics used to make our garments.

Whilst a lot of brands label their products with a Union Jack, claiming they are British, this usually means they are simply designed or embellished in the UK, NOT made in the UK.

Being designed and created in the UK within our own team allows for original designs to become reality faster, no real lead times to negotiate if samples were needed to be created abroad. We also own the IP (intellectual property) rights to all of our garment patterns, meaning no other brands can use them, unlike a lot of foreign manufacturers who own the rights to the patterns and offer them to potential start ups to choose from.



When it comes to quality, Stockinjur uses a top end Lycra made and dyed here in the UK. We don’t use a polyester mix unlike the majority of foreign Lycras, and we pride ourselves by the fact we now use a sustainable hardwearing Lycra made from recycled landfill. 

Looking deeper into the origin of clothing, are you morally conscious or aware of how some factories overseas manufacture “fast fashion” lines of clothing? Or how about the treatment of employees and the use of cheaper inferior materials?

Whilst some brands may offer cheaper garments, you have to question the overall quality - considering these garments have been made abroad and then shipped halfway across the world, how much do the brands actually pay for each garment if they can offer it cheaper after all that? This then begs the question of how much the factory workers are paid - google "Boohoo Leicester workers" and you'll read how even in this country, their workers were forced to work for £4 an hour and even to work with Covid symptoms.  

So whilst we can reassure you our products are British made and our workers are paid well above minimum wage, will you question where your clothes come from in the future?



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