Turning Landfill into Sustainable Fashion

Stockinjur has been looking into sustainable solutions for a good few years now, and since we discovered recycled landfill material late in 2018, we switched over to it and didn’t look back. It’s not only thicker than our previous Lycras, it’s also more satisfying to the touch and has a nice matt sheen to it. Two birds, one stone: a superior product whilst using recycled landfill.   

2021 has seen a massive shift in focus for a lot of brands when it comes to sustainability, especially some of the bigger names on the market who aren’t part of “fast fashion” (manufacturers using cheap materials and cheap labour to produce extremely cheap garments - think Boohoo and Primark).

One designer/brand flying the flag for sustainable fashion is Stella McCartney. Stella has been behind trying to put an end to “fast fashion” and encouraging people to recycle their clothes instead of throwing them away after a few wears. Only 1% of clothing is actually recycled, a grim fact considering the remainder is buried in the earth. Considering a lot of clothing is polyester and plastic based (read our previous post on fast fashion and polyester), this can only be a tragedy with all the climate issues we face.


Stella McCartney is an inspiration and we hope many other fashion houses take note and find ways to reduce their contributions to landfills and unethical practices. We are always looking to reduce our carbon footprint and we hope you take some reassurance in us as a brand that we don’t cut corners or manufacture abroad just to save a few pounds and offer an inferior product.

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