What Does Brand Really Mean?

When it comes to branding, there is a lot more to it than getting a good logo and providing glossy pictures and a product/service. 

Brands can conjure up many emotions when they first enter your mind, from excitement in perhaps purchasing something new from them, to more pragmatic thoughts in saving money with a brand known for bargains. When you picture your favourite brand(s), are the first thoughts more about the amazing quality or are they leaning more towards style or maybe even saving money?

At Stockinjur, we are first and foremost concerned with the quality of our materials and the final finish of our products. When we first started, our aim was, and still is, to reach the quality status of brands like Barbour.




We also take enormous inspiration from a local Welsh denim company called Hiut Denim, a brand known for smaller product runs but using the highest quality denim and manufacture. They are the antithesis of ‘fast fashion’ as once you own a pair, they will last forever and won’t end up in a land fill - they even offer free repairs. 


Stockinjur also only use UK sustainable fabrics and product components, from our hand-cut 2mm plastic peaks, to the labels inside every product and the packaging they are posted in. Whilst most equestrian brands use polyester, we use a fairly thick nylon-based lycra cleverly constructed from landfill. 

So whilst we would like our legacy to be known as a quality brand, we’d be just as proud if we were remembered for being as environmentally aware as possible too.  

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