What makes us different to the BIG Equestrian Brands?

We manufacture here in the UK!

Sadly, there are very few Equestrian Brands making here in the UK. Whilst part of their product may be finished here, the garment is most likely made abroad. I champion British manufacturing, and this is something that has always been at the core of Stockinjur. I hope I can educate you on what sets us apart from the bigger equestrians brands and why its important to support British manufacturing in the equestrian industry.


I have an amazing small team of Seamstresses that create all of our products. They are incredibly skilled and paid well above the national minimum wage. This fills me with so much pride as a business owner to know that I am creating jobs for women in the UK and, in turn, paying them well for their skilled work.

When you look at your purchase from us, whether it is one of our Hat Silks or Clothing items, you know it has been made by either Marina, Tracey or Kathryn. I have been known to take up the slack when things get busy. I am an experienced Seamstress myself, and I think that's what sets Stockinjur apart from other Brands. I not only understand the construction of a product, I design, pattern create and can even make the product.


✂️ By keeping production small, it helps us focus on minimising waste and focusing on producing quality pieces that have longevity.

🧵 Any fabric off-cuts are put to good use. From Hat Silk panels to our Ear Warmers.

🙅🏼‍♀️ No fabric is wasted and sent to landfill. These small pieces of fabric would usually be thrown away in traditional manufacturing.

🏭 Manufacturing in the UK helps us support our local and national economies by creating new job opportunities and supporting local suppliers. All of our materials for our products are sourced here in the UK. We are able to lower our carbon footprint by decreasing the amount of miles that our products travel👌🏻.

🇬🇧 We have a huge sense of pride producing here in the UK and we are proud to be Make it British members.

Our products command a higher price than those manufactured abroad by producing here in the UK. I hope that by giving you an insight into how we make our products, you will see beyond a price and question where and who has made your product. Let’s champion and support British businesses.

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