Who made my equestrian clothing?

Do you ever wonder where your equestrian items are made? How sustainable are they, and what goes into creating that particular product? Being a Designer, every time I look at a garment, I pay close attention to how they’re constructed and the skill involved in creating them. I find it fascinating as this is my passion and business!

It always surprises me when customers are unaware that we make all of our products in house. With many brands manufacturing abroad, it's easy to assume that most brands do not manufacture in house anymore. I champion British manufacturing, and this is something that has always been at the core of Stockinjur. I hope to educate you on how our products are made and why it is essential to look beyond prices…


All Equestrian Apparel is handmade. Most Brands do not state where their collections are made globally, let alone what happens in their supply chains or how their workers are treated. Most garment workers abroad are paid well below our minimum wage, yet their job is so skilled but undervalued.

When you look at a product, what factors do you consider before purchasing (where it is made, price, quality etc..) Unfortunately, most buying decisions are made based on price. If a product is cheap or cheaper than another, you need to think:-

How much is that Brand paying per item? How much is the worker that made it being paid when you consider the cost of the core materials?

However, this can be entirely flipped on its head with Brands that charge absorbent prices for products that have cost just a few pounds per item and are making a considerable markup. It makes you question what has the poor garment worker been paid for that item.


Demands by Brands for high volumes of products made at the lowest cost possible then push prices down even further and directly affect the wages and working conditions of the garment workers.

Brands tend to focus more on environmental initiatives within their business than the people who create their products in terms of sustainability. Unfortunately, many Brands are unwilling to pay for products at the rate required to ensure fair wages.


I have an amazing small team of Seamstresses that create all of our products. They are incredibly skilled and paid well above the national minimum wage. This fills me with so much pride as a business owner to know that I am creating jobs for women in the UK and, in turn, paying them well for their skilled work.

When you look at your purchase from us, whether it is one of our Hat Silks or Clothing items, you know it has been made by either Marina, Tracey or Kathryn. I have been known to take up the slack when things get busy. I am an experienced Seamstress myself, and I think that's what sets Stockinjur apart from other Brands. I not only understand the construction of a product, I design, pattern create and can even make the product.


Later this year or early in 2023, we hope to open a larger factory to increase production and our product collections. This is so exciting to know that we will be creating additional jobs in the area and keeping our British roots at the heart of our business.

Our products command a higher price than those manufactured abroad by producing here in the UK. I hope that by giving you an insight into the world of manufacturing, you will see beyond a price and question where and who has made your product.


How can we hold brands accountable if they are unwilling to disclose what happens in their supply chain? The answer to, who made my clothes? It may seem as simple as the country of origin on the care label inside the garment. However, you should want to know so much more.


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