Okay, so the above image is a bit of an exaggeration, but many horse owners will recognise this inevitable reality to come. Over the next six months, us lucky Brits will have to endure the unrelenting rain (including that fine stuff that seems to make you even wetter), biting winds, and enough grey to put that famous book to shame. 

Whilst we wrap up in our all-weather gear and fight the elements, our horses don't often have the luxury. Some may have stables and rugs and shelters, but it's their hooves that suffer the elements the most. 

As soon as summer starts to fade, here at Stockinjur we see an increase in questions and sales regarding our Red Horse and Silvetralsol products. From thrush to abscesses, white line disease to mud fever, we hear it all. 

Listed below are our products dealing with hoof and skin care. We have had experience using all of them so we'll give our best review of each one.

Field Paste is a great antimicrobial thrush paste and frog dressing that offers staying power with its thick consistency. This means it's suited to horses mainly kept in a field as the paste stays within the collateral grooves, central sulcus and on the sole throughout bad weather. Whilst it is antimicrobial, field paste helps prevent mud, faeces and other contaminants coming in contact with the hoof.

You need to apply with gloved hands as it's too think to be painted on like Sole Paint, a similar product best suited to stabled horses. 

Sole Cleanse is another product good for the prevention of Thrush. The main ingredients are Zinc Sulphate and Eucalyptus, a combination that is both effective against harmful microbes yet doesn't have any necrotising effects of Bleaches or Peroxide or the other traditional methods. 

Sole Cleanse also promotes the re-growth of healthy tissue rather than more dead tissue for Thrush to thrive on.

This product is good to have on hand and is used either daily for established thrush or weekly for a horse prone to thrush. Simply clean the hoof and spray away, ensuring you literally drown the hoof in it. 

This clay-based antimicrobial hoof putty is a must have if your horse suffers minor cracks or frog clefts and thrush.

Once Artimud is smoothed out, rolled and manipulated into place, it offers a barrier as its antimicrobial and healing agents go to work.

Whilst Artimud is great for minor splits or cracks, it wasn't as effective in staying in the more serious and deeper cracks. For this, Red Horse developed Hoof Stuffa non-toxic and fibrous paste that plugs deep cracks or holes in the hoof.
Hoof-Stuff can treat seedy toe, white line disease, deep central sulcus separation, abscess cavities, grass cracks among other issues. Like Artimud, it's active ingredients help eliminate bacteria and promote healing and re-growth of healthy tissue.

HoneyHeal is a Zinc Oxide based healing and mud fever cream. This product is mainly used for superficial wounds all over the horse (we even use it on ourselves, but of course can't recommend it on anything but animals). 

Used on the horse's feet, it fights against thrush, frog abscesses, soft frogs and sore heels. This stuff is very sticky when applied, so it offers superb adhesion in forming a solid barrier to infection.

Whilst most healing creams contain under 20% Zinc Oxide, Honey Heal offers 40% as a primary antimicrobial and healing agent. 

Ronseal's saying, "It does what it says on tin" applies to this product. Developed by the Institute of Applied Equine Podiatry's KC La Pierre, Thrush Ender treats hooves exposed to extremely wet conditions.

This Non Toxic/Non Caustic spray is very effective against severe White Line disease, severe thrush and fungal infections occurring due to extreme wet environments.

Perfect choice for horse owners and hoof care providers to assist in treating hoof infections throughout the winter months.

This stuff is great and in high demand. Silvetrasol Hoof and Wound Wash is a spray highly toxic to bacteria, fungus and virus. It is effective in the treatment of wounds and infections. Despite being toxic to everything bad, Silvetrasol is non-toxic to humans and animals.
From our website, an extensive list of everything Silvetrasol can handle:

Cleaning and Debriding wounds
Hot spots
Girth Sores
Skin Rashes
Skin Ulcers
Post-Surgical sites
Irritated skin
Cleaning the Umbilical & Navel Sores Lacerations
Reduces irritation
Doesn’t harm healthy tissue
A natural anti-inflammatory
Environmentally friendly
No rinsing required
Helps reduce odors associated with skin irritations
Safe for use on animals of all ages
Non-toxic and non-irritating
Will not stain clothing or tack
No antibiotics or steroids, “tests free” on competition animals
If you have any other questions regarding our products, please email: