Redmond Rock Salt (3.5kg or larger)
Redmond Rock Salt (3.5kg or larger)

Redmond Rock Salt (3.5kg or larger)

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Large (3.5kg or larger) salt licks.

These are perfect for restoring your horses mineral balance and distracting it from chewing fences etc! Fed from the ground to keep the neck and head in natural alignment.

Redmond Rock™ is a natural sea salt containing all the trace minerals present in that ancient sea. Due to intensive farming practices most soils have become depleted of these life giving minerals, and crops grown on these soils with common N-P-K fertilizer are mineral deficient too. Redmond Rock plays an important role in providing these essential trace minerals missing from many forages.

The minerals in Redmond Rock can help restore and bring your horse back into his natural mineral balance. By including Redmond Rock as a free choice mineral supplement in their pasture or stall your horse will have access to the finest natural mineral source available, and in the form that the horse's natural intelligence teaches him to seek. 

Whether you ride your horse competitively for show, eventing, or just take him on the trail for a brisk Saturday morning ride, Redmond Rock can help restore balance and improve the time you and your horse spend together.