Riders Rescue Handcream 100ml

Riders Rescue Handcream 100ml

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Redhorse Products - "For a long time now people have complained that we make such nice products for their horses and they feel left out, so we have chosen to remedy that. Made because our hands get so trashed working with horses, on the farm and mixing up concoctions for your horses. We, our friends and family have been using this handcream for a year or so now and feedback from our trial participants has been amazing!

Sam has made it to a pretty remarkable formula, boasting 'no added water' instead the water that would normally make up the formulation is replaced with Aloe Vera gel and juice making it super hydrating and giving it a lovely feel on the skin. It contains lots of other lovely natural ingredients like shea butter, hemp butter, beeswax, honey, hemp oil, neroli, grapeseed and colloidal oatmeal. Contains no nasty's and as you would expect from us no fillers (cheap ingredients that are there just to bulk it out!) just some Vitamin E to act as a preservative."

Two warnings: It is not recommended to use Cinnamon oils during pregnancy and other than that the handcream is highly addictive!