2017 - what a year!

Wow what a year!

The brand has come so far this year and exceeded all my expectations. The focus this year has been to produce high quality products whilst keeping the price tag affordable. Focus has always been on creating a British Brand with all materials sourced right here in Britain. It’s with great pride that all our products are made in house. Every inch of our Pom pom riding hat silks and Baselayers are handmade. We have made tweaks along the way with slightly thicker peak material making it more robust, thicker tighter elastic to ensure a snug fit on your Hat, new packaging to name a few.

The success of our riding Baselayers has been overwhelming. I designed these with the focus being on creating the perfect silhouette and two contrasting fabrics, something that is completely unique and unlike anything on the market. Everything I design is something I would wear myself. I’m incredibly fussy and always seek out to be individual and this is where my design ideas come from.

We have added several Collections this year. However, the most popular out of all of the Collections has to be the Dapple Collection. To say I’m lost for words at the success of it is a complete understatement, it really has blown me away.Stockinjur pom pom hat covers

Nothing excites me more than looking on our Social Media Pages and seeing all our lovely customer pictures. Every picture is special as it's a testament to our brand. We have tried to create a community and we just love seeing all of your pictures.

We have 4 fantastic Ambassadors flying the Stockinjur Flag and you can follow their journeys too on Social Media.

We have some exciting Collections planned for 2018 along with a few redesigns of our other popular products. We are also hoping to get out to some trade shows this year too and it will be lovely to meet you.

So thank you to all of our customers, all of this would not have been possible without you. I hope you’ve had a lovely Christmas and wish you all a Happy New Year and hope it brings you many successes!

Leanne x

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