The Stockinjur Story


Founder, Designer, Mum of one, Leanne Stockinger-Harris...


I’ve always had horses in my life from a very young age, horses have always been my passion. Working within the equestrian industry in some way has always been in my mind. I have studied Natural Horsemanship and also qualified as an Equine Massage Therapist.

In 2010, Stockinjur was born. Initially, we were just making Hat Silks in a limited colour palette with a handful of coloured Poms. When I started the business there were very few choices of Hat Silks. They were your typical plain velvet or standard Lycra colours. So I thought it was time to create Hat Silks that would make a statement to any riding outfit. I do love to accessorise...


Back in 2010 I decided to take the plunge and start making Hat Silks myself. Looking back, what seemed like a crazy idea at the time, was the best decision I ever made! It was an amazing feeling and experience creating beautiful Hat Silks and seeing customers wearing them. It was intense as for the first few years I was making them solely on my own. Long hours, 7 days a week. To truly be successful in business, you have to make sacrifices and whilst you’re growing “your baby” it is all you live, eat and breath.

9 years later we have 3 machinists making all of our beautiful products right here in the UK. 

I still have horses and ride (when I have time!). The horses have had to take a slight backseat as the business has grown. Sadly, I don’t have time for competing like I used to. But they are still such a huge part of my life and passion for the business.


Our Collections have evolved over the years with over a hundred different Hat Silks, Base Layers, Leggings and T-Shirts.

I love creating designs that are different to anything else out there. The Hat Silks are a true testament to that. Nothing excites me more than finding new fabrics and Faux Furs and creating a new Silk. We are the original creators of the Dapple and Metallic Collections.

When I design a new product my focus is always on the woman’s body, designing to flatter the female body and making you feel amazing at the same time. I am obsessed with fit and fabric. I create all of the patterns and test these myself. Being extremely fussy, I am the most critical customer.

I am ultimately my own customer and designing for myself. I believe in slow equestrian fashion and this is reflected in the products that I design.

I design timeless pieces rather than chasing fashion trends. I want my products to be loved, adored and cherished for many years to come.


All of our products are made here in the UK. This is something I have always been extremely passionate about, keeping manufacturing here in the UK. With a team of 3 machinists, we have a micro factory. We proudly source all of our materials here in the UK too, greatly reducing our carbon footprint.


We do our best to be as sustainable as possible as a brand. By minimising waste, we are making a small impact with our practices. We have removed all plastic from our packaging. All orders now come in our signature Cotton Drawstring Bags, perfect for storing all those Hat Silks!


All of our Lycras are made from regenerated Nylon yarn. Turning waste plastic into fabric. Our fabrics are sourced less than 100 miles from our Studio here in Wales.

I source all of our raw from UK businesses - reducing our carbon footprint and supporting fellow British Businesses.


By producing all of our products in smaller batches - it helps us focus on minimising waste and focusing on producing quality pieces that have longevity. All fabric off-cuts are put to good use, from Hat Silk panels to Ear Warmers. No piece of fabric is wasted in our Studio!


Our prices are a reflection of our quality luxury products. From the fabrics that we use to being produced here in the UK. Each product is loving handmade, for you to cherish.

"Riding wear should be functional without comprising on style"

Q & A

Favourite Stockinjur product?

Leggings. I wear these everyday in the office. These took nearly 2 years to design and one of the products I'm most proud of.

Favourite discipline?

I like a bit of everything. My main focus used to be Dressage and Showing.