Been Seen In Our Beacon Set | Fluorescent Faux Fur Pom Pom Hat Silks and Baselayers

Fluorescent Faux Fur Pom Pom Hat Silks and Baselayers

florescent pom pom hat silk and matching baselayer

If your main priority is safety when it comes to hacking out but you also want to look chic and stylish whilst you ride, look no further than our newly designed Beacon Set.  

Using an extremely reflective material that allows for stretch, we have managed to fuse our quality 4-way stretch lycra and produce a stylish matching set. The faux fur pom pom hat silk matches perfectly with the baselayer, both featuring highly-reflective panels.

Our Pom Pom Hat Silks are Literally Lighting Beacons!

As you can see in the image above, the flash of the camera has illuminated the pom pom hat silk's seemingly grey-silver panels and logo into bright white homing beacons. The cuffs on the baselayers do the same thing, adding the extra illuminated panels for safety and ensuring both on-coming and rear-approaching traffic can clearly see the rider. We designed the cuffs with the reflective material to allow for the rider to wear their favourite gilets, ensuring the panels were still visible when signaling with their arms. 

flouresecnt pom pom hat silk

Fluorescent Pink faux fur Pom Pom riding hat silk and matching baselayer.

When Pom Pom Hat Silks Could Save Your Life

Sounds kind of silly really but considering the rider is the highest visible point on the back of horse, the Beacon pom pom hat silk really is the lighting beacon for traffic to see first -- this is why we designed the hat silks to have big fluorescent panels on the front and back. 

pom pom hat silk and le mieux saddle pad

Kindly sent in by one of our customers, hamishandhugo this photo shows our Beacon Sets also match up perfectly with the Le Mieux saddle pads.

If you want to ensure both safety and style, please check out our Beacon pom pom hat silks and matching baselayers. Colours include fluorescent yellow, pink and orange. 


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