Don’t Be Fooled by Fake Faux Fur

Is your Pom pom Hat Silk Real Animal Fur or Faux?

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Before we go into any real detail within this post, we would like to offer our fans and customers the comfort that Stockinjur’s pom pom riding hat covers are – and have always been – made with FAUX (synthetic) fur. You’ll be glad to know there are simple ways to test and check real fur against faux fur, which we will list later.

You would think the debate on using real animal fur for fashion has been over for at least a decade, especially when big fashion brands declare their products are all faux fur. However, the BBC recently aired their Watchdog show, a segment dedicated to the FAUX/animal fur lie. Watchdog revealed the shocking realisation that animals are still being used by brands declaring their products are synthetic – buyers thinking they are morally in the clear are completely unawares to the reality of the situation.

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Take TK Maxx for instance (a brand having a 15 year “no fur” policy), or how about retail giants, Amazon – both were found to have pulled the wool over consumers’ eyes by selling their products as faux fur, when in fact the investigation revealed otherwise. Animals such as rabbit, fox and raccoon dog were all found by textile analysis experts, their test items varying from handbags, shoes and jumpers. 

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Faux Fur Vs Real Fur Tests:

One useful part of the Watchdog investigation was showing the easy ways to look for and test the differences between real and FAUX fur.



Above we have taken a picture of Stockinjur’s most realistic FAUX fur, the material used for our pom pom riding hat silks. These three colours are very realistic but there are a few give aways if you turn the fur over.



This next photo above is a close up of the same materials turned over. As you can see, the base of the fur is held in place by a synthetic material, not skin.

You can also take a pin, and if the material is faux fur, the pin will puncture the material base easily; if it is real fur, the pin will feel real resistance as it is trying to puncture leather (skin).


          Photo - Wikihow

Another test is the sniff test. You can simply pluck a small section of hair, and CAREFULLY, singe it with a flame – FAUX fur will smell of plastic, real fur will smell of burnt hair.

At Stockinjur we hope this helps and informs anyone who has concerns when it comes to FAUX furs. Next time you are shopping and really can't tell by look or feel, try and - at least – study the back of the material and see how it connects to its base.


Stockinjur Azure matching pom pom hat silk and baselayer


Just rest assured Stockinjur will NEVER use real fur, and all of our pom pom riding hat silks use only faux fur.

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