Stockinjur Matchy Matchy Infographic

Colour Matching Your Hat Silks and Baselayers

Cornblue pom pom hat silk and matching baselayer le mieux


What in life is better than riding your horse...?

Looking fantastic and riding your horse, of course.

Equine fashion has come on leaps and bounds over the last two decades or so. Gone are the local eventing days of sweatshirts and rugby shirts. The matchy matchy look has grabbed the equine world by its reins and galloped full bore into colour matched lycra silks and baselayers. If you can match your horse with its saddlepad, wraps and fly veils, the look can be dazzling. 

Stockinjur has matched many rider colours with brands such as LeMieux ands PS of Sweden for their saddelpads and horse accessories. 


 Mint matching pom pom hat silk and baselayer le mieux

Sunset Orange pom pom hat silk and baselayer

Turquoise Pom Pom Hat Silk and baselayer

Matching Your Horse To Hat Silks & Baselayers 

We have created an infogrpahic (below) showing which colours are best suited to different horse colours. Whilst this is our opinion and understand colours are subjective, we have used our own buyer stats and photos to build the ranking. 


Stockinjur Infographic matching pom pom hat silks and baselayers


We hope you enjoyed our infographic. If you want to see more matches from us check out our LeMieux matches page and see what we offer. We have some new matches coming later in the year, some lighter colours that will match some of the new PS of Sweden saddlepads, so keep our blog in mind. 

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