The Evenings Are Drawing In: Hi-Viz Equestrain Products

Stockinjur Hi-Viz Horse and Rider Wear

Hi-Viz Riding Hat Cover

With the evenings drawing in and the mornings becoming misty and gloomy, I find myself grabbing my Hi-Viz jacket before going on a hack. But is a jacket enough? This is something I pondered whilst working on our products. Along with myself, what if my horse were to don something that would cut through the gloom? After all, the horse is a big animal, so adding something bright can only add to the overall safety.

Stockinjur Hi-Viz Halter

Pictured above is our Hi-Viz Rope Halter. The rope used is a high quality 6-mm boating rope, it's outer weave an extremely bright yellow. They come in all sizes, but if you require a custom size, we can easily cater for this for you.

Along with our Hi-Viz rope halter, we also make the Bosal/Bitless Bridle Attachment. If you aren't quite sure what this is, click on our Bosal/Bitless Bridle Attachment Explained link for more infomation.

The above product is the Low Sidepull Bridle. As you can see in the right hand side image, the low side pulls are for connecting reins.

Another excellent way of being seen in the dark is to wear a Hi-Viz hat cover. You are sat high up there, so use your head as a beacon.

Stockinjur hi-viz pom pom riding hat cover

Although this Hi-Viz hat cover is perfect as a safety device, our new Pom Pom range adds that extra sprinkling of chic. Our Pom Pom hat covers are a real hit with our customers, so the only logical step was to introduce it to our Hi-Viz range.

So if you want your horse to be seen as the days start drawing in, think about using Hi-Viz products and don't let Mother Nature dictate your hacking out hours.


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