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baby pink faux fur riding hat silk and matching baselayer

We have added more products to our collection. Our stunning new model Gabriella can be seen all over our social media showing off our cute faux fur pom pom Riding hat silks. 

These add style to any riding attire. We have a wide range of colours available. Our current favourite has to be the Turquoise and extremely popular Baby Pink.

faux fur pom pom riding hat silk and matching turquoise baselayer 

These are all handmade using faux fur (as you all know we do not promote using real fur!). To find out more about our promotion of faux fur, check out our faux fur blog post on how to tell if fur is real or not. 

So go on and take a look at the vast variety of matching XC sets we offer and find the perfect matching pom pom hat silk and baselayer.

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